Unique Fundraising Ideas

When a business, group, or organization needs to raise funds to cover the expense of an important project or an expensive trip, a fundraiser is usually organized. Churches and communities are constantly putting together bake sales to raise money while schools often sell coupon books or even flowers. These fundraising ideas often yield results, but nothing is more impressive and lucrative than arranging a unique fundraiser. A unique fundraiser is one that breaks the mold, gets the attention of potential sponsors, and excites everyone that is involved. The ideas for these types of fundraisers can be based on the needs of a specific area or group. If the organization needing funds is located in an area that is home to a lot of pets consider arranging a Dog Washing Day. Many people are familiar with car washes, but few have ever seen a dog wash. One benefit of a dog wash is that they can be held anywhere. Any backyard that can be supplied with a hose, tubs, and shampoo can be used. Dog washes can be promoted at local pet supply stores (with permission) or popular dog walking parks. Hand out fliers advertising the date, time, and location of the event along with the standard donation amount.

For organizations that are used to selling items during a fundraiser, consider selling something different. Plan a large rummage or yard sale at a church or community building. Many members of a community enjoy yard and rummage sales and a large-scale sale will interest a great deal of people. When advertising the sale, list specialty items that will attract collectors. Remember to also list that the sale benefits your good cause to help the community.

If your organization has a tried and true fundraising method of selling pies or cakes each year, arrange a pie auction instead. People enjoy bidding on items online and offline. Getting a local auctioneer to auction off favorite pies and cakes will attract more attention, increase the amount of money raised, and make the event more interesting and fun.

Donation based walks and runs are also very popular so why not plan a three-legged walk or race for the community? Let community members donate funds to enter the race or donate funds to sponsor a contestant. Three-legged races are fun for people of all ages and will encourage everyone to attend regardless of their own personal, athletic skills.

When children are involved or if the fundraising event is for children, try to arrange something that the children can actively participate in. Organize a community treasure- or scavenger hunt. Let children hunt for different prizes and treats that they can keep and request donations for participation. The prizes and treats do not need to be very expensive, just something that will entertain a small child.

The possibilities for unique fundraisers are virtually endless. Do not be afraid to try or suggest something that has never been done before. A new, unusual fundraising event will often attract more media attention and participation than a long-standing tradition. In the long run, a large level of coverage will be more beneficial to your organization than a short-term local buzz.