Fundraising Ideas Ė Tips to Help Your Fundraising Event Succeed

Many fundraising ideas never get off the ground because organizers and volunteers donít have all the tools they need to make a successful campaign. Many schools and nonprofit organizations rely on money received through donations. Following are some tips to help your next campaign run smoothly.

Start Planning Now

Once a fundraising event has ended, sit down with your committee and start looking at what fundraising ideas you could use for the next campaign. This is an ideal time because the fundraiser is fresh in your minds. Set some goals as you plan. For instance, Will you have items coming in that need to be delivered in time for Christmas? If so, you want to plan enough time to receive orders and make any corrections or changes if items are missing. Creating a calendar with specific goal dates will help your planning stay on track.

Commit to a Specific Fundraiser

Organizations typically use three kinds of fundraising ideas to make money. These include: donations and pledges, product sales, and events. Use these categories for inspiration. An event could consist of a car wash or auction, while a product sale could feature baked goods, candy, or even gifts. The type of fundraiser you want to hold dictates the steps you need to follow to get it off the ground. You donít have to stick to one kind of fundraiser though. You can combine fundraisers. For instance, having a garage sale along with a bake sale may increase your overall donations.

Bring on the Volunteers

A victorious fundraising idea has dedicated volunteers who care about the success of the campaign. Volunteers are also an excellent way to solicit fundraising ideas because they can offer insight as well as their time. In the case of school fundraisers, the specific group the campaign benefits will most likely be your volunteers. As an example, high school marching band members would volunteer for a project looking to raise funds for new uniforms. That doesnít mean others wonít want to give their time and talents as well. Volunteers who are already committed to the campaign often encourage others to volunteers while they spread the word about the fundraising event.

The Untapped Potential of Sponsors

Sponsors typically provide the seed money needed to get your fundraising ideas off the ground. The money they put up can help buy necessary supplies such as envelopes, stamps, and paper for letters or the printing costs of mass-produced flyers. Sponsors often have great fundraising ideas themselves and can provide you with a new perspective on an old idea. In addition, sponsors are also willing to donate their time as volunteers.

By using the resources you have available to their fullest, you can make a campaign a great success. Take advantage of early planning, the people around you, and even those who provide the money to get things rolling. You will discover fundraising success that is easy and fun to achieve.