Three Top Vendor-Based Fundraising Ideas that Garner Great Returns

Old-fashioned fundraising ideas like bake sales and raffle tickets are easy and quick but don't always provide enough return for your efforts. However with vendor based fundraising, your group can sell a product or service everyone likes and make a nice profit at the same time. One of the most popular and profitable fundraising ideas these days is the scrip program.

Scrip is basically replacement money in the form of a certificate or card for a particular dollar amount. When you participate in a scrip program, your group would purchase scrip cards for below face value that could be used at specified retailers. Then, your group turns around and sells the cards at the face value of the card and pockets the difference. A number of scrip programs exist around the country, each with different participating retailers such as grocery stores, hair salons, restaurants, electronics stores, and clothing stores.

The sale of coupon books often garners 50% for participating groups and really sells themselves with all of the great money-saving coupons enclosed. Sold by major geographical area, these coupon books encompass a variety of businesses in your area from restaurants and grocery stores to dry cleaning and ice skating. In this day and age of pinching pennies, families are looking for ways to save on groceries and entertainment and these coupon books are an excellent way to do just that. A number of vendors offer different types of coupons books to choose from.

One of the sweetest and tastiest fundraising ideas is selling cookie dough. Who doesn't wish for freshly baked cookies to satisfy a craving or meet a party obligation? With some cookie dough in the freezer, the only thing you would have to do is turn on the oven and bake no mixing or dirtying up bowls and utensils. Great profits can be made by selling cookie dough in several varieties and it is quite popular because everyone loves the product. Cookie dough is pre-sold and when delivery is made to your group from the fundraising vendor, you just deliver while the dough is still frozen. You must have access to freezers when deliveries cannot be made promptly.

Other vendor fundraising ideas exist and sometimes their popularity is both cyclical and geographical. Understand your target marketing area and try to find out what other groups in your area are doing fundraiser-wise. You want to stand out from the crowd with your fundraiser, not blend in.