Three Easy School Fundraising Ideas

Arranging a fundraiser for a local school does not always have to be a lot of hard work with little reward. There are some fundraising ideas that are both easy and enjoyable. Most of all, these fundraising ideas are always profitable, which will help the organization run the show and earn enough money to meet or exceed their goals and expectations.

Mini-marathons or walk-a-thons are great ways to earn money for schools. School officials enjoy events that encourage health. Kids often have lots of energy and a mini marathon or a walk-a-thon is a great way to get them out and active! A mini-marathon or walk-a-thon will also let community members donate a certain amount of money for each lap a student runs or walks.

These events can be a bit time consuming to arrange because time is needed to choose an event day and also to give students time to solicit sponsors. Schools may discover that businesses are more than willing to sponsor the school event with just a phone call or a personal visit. Past donors for the school are excellent potential sponsors for your school mini-marathon or walk-a-thon.

Selling pizza or popcorn on Fridays is another way to earn money for the school. If the school is able to purchase a popcorn maker or have a local business owner donate a popcorn maker, bags of popcorn can be sold to students each Friday afternoon when they are leaving school. Pizza can also be purchased from local stores and sold by the slice each afternoon. Local pizza shop owners will often sell pizzas at a deeply discounted price for these fundraising campaigns.

When organizing these fundraisers school officials, clubs, or teams only need to send home fliers and place posters around the school to get results. If students and their parents know a certain item will be sold on Friday afternoon, they will be sure to have the money to purchase their pizza or popcorn. This is a great way to earn money for a project quickly.

Another great fundraising idea for schools is a day at the movies. Most movie theaters are happy to reserve a screen for parties or special events. Many actively advertise these services. Why not contact a local theater and see if they will let a school reserve a theater for a fundraising event?

Reserve a screen at a local theater one afternoon and invite students and their family to attend the screening. Let families and students make donations to the school instead of paying for the ticket. In some situations the theater staff will even let schools sell pizza slices or other treats in the reserved theater to make additional revenue. Days at the movies are a great way to earn money to help meet important financial goals. They are also extremely popular with students and staff. When planning these events remember to get a few teachers to volunteer as chaperones during the showing then sit back and watch as a new fundraising tradition is born.