Piggybacking Events among Simple and Easy Fundraising Ideas

Check your local newspapers and Internet event calendars to seek out homegrown events like county fairs, harvest festivals, cook-offs, or even sports tournaments. Your group can sell refreshments, goods, or even services to the built-in event clientele. Among the many fundraising ideas you can pursue with low overhead is selling bottled water (great for hot outdoor events), hot dogs, snow cones, or hot chocolate.

Games are great fundraising ideas for local events, particularly those geared for the pint-sized set. The great thing is if you want to do a ring toss, milk bottle throw, or some other game, you could likely find the supplies you need at no cost. Many churches and schools have festivals and if they are not using the equipment, they would likely let your group borrow or rent them. The cost of little trinkets or candy for prizes would be the only cost outlay.

Every city or town with a volunteer fire department, rotary club or beautification society often has their own fundraising ideas like cook-off competitions to raise money. They will sell booth space or may donate a few for local organizations who are also looking to raise money themselves. If the event is a chili cook-off, perhaps you could sell a dessert or drink that would help cool off those taste buds after eating spicy chili. Iced down sodas and water are great ideas but so are snow cones and ice cream if you have access to a portable freezer.

The goal for any of these fundraising ideas is to raise as much money as possible while keeping the overhead low. Take face painting for instance. You can purchase plenty of supplies for $20 or less and then charge each person who visits your group's booth anywhere from $2 to $5, depending on the design. It is quite realistic to earn several hundred dollars in just a few hours.

Always ask for donations in the community or in your own group population for supplies, depending on what you need. Many shop owners are willing to donate in some way, not only for the tax write-off but for the positive publicity. Many event fundraising ideas have been played out quite a bit so consider adding your own spin to things. If your group is a choir raising money to go to New York City, sell candied apples and put a spin on it saying you all are selling the opportunity to take a bite out of the "big apple," New York City's nickname. Brainstorm with your group and devise a budget for your cost outlay as that will typically narrow down your event fundraising ideas to a manageable few.