Three Important Steps to Implement your Fundraising Ideas

All the great fundraising ideas in the world can fail unless you come up with a workable game plan to ensure success. Implementing a fundraiser can take a lot of work but it doesn't have to be tough. With just three main steps to guide you, you can turn any fundraiser into a smooth, profitable operation.

Establishing a Goal

In order for your fundraising ideas to be successful, the first order of business is setting goals so you know exactly what your target is. With no clear direction, how can you expect your volunteers to succeed? Decide how much help you will need and acquire the volunteers. Choose a financial goal you need to reach and define what exactly the money is being raised for. When volunteers know exactly what they are working towards, they perform better. Finally, establish a timeline for your financial goals. You need a start date and an end date to keep you and your volunteers on track.

Fundraising Planning

Take into account other events around your area as well as the weather and holidays when creating an implementation plan to carry out your fundraising ideas. Get your fundraising event scheduled as early as possible so you have time to advertise it and volunteers can plan to be there ready to help. Create a budget for expenses in advance so you can prepare for every contingency from renting a booth or purchasing supplies to the cost of shipping or paying for advertising.

Supervising the Implementation

You've got the fundraising ideas as well as the budget and volunteers your next step is implementation. Communication is very important. Keep in touch with all volunteers via phone and email to communicate deadlines, work schedules, updates and status reports. Touch base with those volunteers who may have missed a meeting or two to keep them in the loop and vested in the fundraising project. Be sure to advertise the fundraiser through your group's population as well as in your local community. Flyers, newspaper articles, and even radio spots will spread the word to ensure a large turn-out.

Create an upbeat atmosphere and encourage brainstorming. Involving everyone in the implementation of your fundraising ideas not only fosters good will but also a sense of fun. With a good team of volunteers, you can be guaranteed not only a great time but a successful fundraiser.