How to Discover Inexpensive Fundraising Ideas

When you are hosting a fundraiser, sometimes the challenging part can be finding fundraising ideas that are inexpensive and wonít break your budget. Obviously you want to give participants an exciting and fun event, but you also canít afford to host a fundraiser that is going to cost more than the donations you receive. In order to keep your expenses down, here are some ways that you can make the most of a low-cost fundraiser and not break the budget.

Location Savers

Depending on the fundraiser, you may be able to have your location donated. If you hold a car wash event, for instance, the local fire department may be willing to provide the firehouse or a local gas station owner may provide his place of business for the event. Likewise, your volunteers may have connections. In many cases, the place where your event was held the year before may be more than willing to offer up their land or business again.

Product Boost

One of the more popular fundraising ideas is to have a product sale of some type. Product sales are very well received, but often you have to purchase catalogs or the products (in the case of candy) before the fundraiser. A fun, yet creative spin from the product sale fundraiser is to have a gift basket raffle or basket theme, such as movie night basket, girlsí nights out basket, or pampering baskets. Sponsors can contribute to these fundraising ideas by donating the products in the baskets, thus making them inexpensive for you to host.

Feed Your Donors

Fundraising ideas that center on a meal not only bring people together, but once you gather people together, you will find that the good natured spirit of people along with the social setting brings out the donations. Spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfasts, hog roasts, and ice cream socials are all excellent ways to bring people in, give them time to relax and chat with neighbors and friends, and enjoy good food. Food-related fundraising ideas donít have to have only dinner or a meal though, often they can be combined with a raffle or auction and both work well together. Grocery stores, markets, and food manufacturers are often willing to keep the event inexpensive by providing food and even some supplies.

Once you start working on the details of your fundraising ideas and formulate a plan, you will find that many of your expenses can be cut through the generosity of your sponsors, volunteers, and community. Having a plan is the most important part of building your fundraising ideas and will go a long way towards keeping costs down as well.