How to Choose Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is often viewed as a hard, time-consuming process, which is why many organizations avoid it whenever possible. Do not be fooled. Fundraising always requires a certain amount of creativity and planning, so do not expect to be able to throw together a successful fundraiser without any effort. But do think positively. With some thinking and teamwork, your organization can create a successful fundraiser everyone will love.

In order to plan an easy fundraising campaign, you should clearly outline and define the goals of the community or organization. Define the purpose of the fundraiser. Is the community attempting to raise funds to repair a building or to sponsor a local team? Starting a fundraising campaign solely to earn money is never a good plan and will create difficulties in the immediate future.

Your organization will also need to decide how much money will be needed to meet the goals. When the targeted goal has been established, then itís time to choose a fundraising idea. Once your goal has been created, your organization can begin to brainstorm about fundraising ideas to successfully meet that goal.

The idea ultimately chosen should be one that is easy and affordable for the organization since start up money is often needed for any fundraiser. The best idea is one that is practical and can realistically reach your targeted fundraising goal. A small amount of money is needed plan a low budget, one day, sales event. These events are designed to raise money quickly and easily by encouraging members of the community to spend their money on a certain product with the understanding that their money will go towards a predetermined project. Sales of this kind are usually bake sales, t-shirt sales, yard sales, or car washes.

For situations where more money is needed than can usually be raised by a sale plan, try planning a marathon or walk-a-thon in the area. Even though those events often take place in only one day, they require far more planning and organization than a one day sale. Permits often need to be secured to use a location for a walk or run during certain hours of the day. The participants, people sponsoring the participants, and even the watching crowd can make donations. These events will raise a great deal of money because a larger number of people are able to donate and no money is needed to invest in products to sell.

When an organization finds itself needing a large amount of money that simply cannot be raised in one day, a long-term sale should be considered. Schools often take advantage of this fundraising method by letting members of the community order certain products throughout the year. This fundraising method often requires several weeks dedicated to selling products, and then delivering them once shipped. The upside to this is that community members have more chances to make purchases and there are no upfront costs when orders are placed after money has been collected.

The best fundraising idea is one that is fun, practical, and inexpensive for your organization to create. Most importantly, it should be an idea that everyone agrees will be ideal for your organization. Not every idea is perfect for every organization. Pick the best fundraising idea that suits your organization to a T.