Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

Small groups often think small when planning fundraisers for their cause or organization. They see the small amount of people involved as a limit to what they can do and how much money they can raise. However, there are several great ideas for fundraising that even small groups can do.

One of the most popular fundraising ideas for small groups is to coordinate some type of benefit meal. Whether it is a chili feed, pancake breakfast or even pork roast, it doesn't take a lot of people to pull off. In addition, you can often get local restaurants or eateries to help in preparing or donating the food. This not only provides more people to assist with the event, but allows more money to be raised since you won’t have food expenses.

Holding a garage sale to raise money is also an excellent fundraising activity for small groups. Each person in the group can find things in their home they are willing to part with and donate to the sale. Members then only have to spend time pricing the items and working the actual day of the sale. This not only cuts down on the time involved in raising money, but it also doesn't cost much to do since it can be held at someone's house and all members donate their stuff and time.

Finally, as a small group you do have the option to work with established fundraising programs already in place in your community. There are many different businesses and organizations that pay groups to assist them with certain tasks. For example, sporting event locations often provide a certain donation to volunteer groups that assist in cleaning up the arena or stadium after an event. Money raised from this type of activity can go directly to your cause since there are no additional expenses in performing this type of fundraising activity.

These are just a few of the fundraising ideas that any small group can do with only few people and little or no money. There are many more you can do, which is why your group should have a brainstorming session to determine what fundraising ideas would work best in your community.