Fundraising Ideas for Large Groups

Having a large group can be beneficial to your organization and your fundraising goal since you have more people to do more things. Of course it is important that you take advantage of the additional numbers you have by engaging in fundraising ideas that require a lot of people to be involved in order to be successful.

A charity auction is one of the best fundraising ideas for a large group to pursue since it has the ability to raise a lot of money in a short period of time. While a small group or section of the large group can be used to actually plan the event, it takes the involvement of most or all members to truly be a success. Selling tickets to the event and finding items to be auctioned off are tasks that all members can do, making it possible for everyone to contribute.

Holding a charity walk or 5K race is another fundraising activity that is perfect for large groups and organizations. A small committee can plan the event, but members are needed the day of the event to make sure it is a success. Whether taking registration or spreading out along the course to provide assistance to participants, each person can play an important role in the event.

Fundraising ideas for large groups aren't just limited to walks and 5Ks. Any type of sporting event can be organized and held by a large group since most have the ability to properly plan and staff them. Charity golf tournaments are one of the most popular for large groups to use to raise money, but others such as basketball, baseball, or even ultimate Frisbee can be used as well.

With large groups you also have the option of raising money by simply asking others to contribute. A large group with 100 people can easily raise $25,000 if every member of the group finds five people that will donate $50. This would take a small group much longer since fewer members would have to ask more people.

While there are fundraising ideas that both small and large groups can implement to raise money, there are some ideas that only large groups are able to carry out due to their size and scope. Large groups should take advantage of the number of members they have by taking on the ideas only a group their size can pull off.