Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas for Elementary School Groups

Government, state, and county funding do not stretch as far as it used to in public schools. When elementary school groups like choir or PTA need to raise money for equipment, supplies or even trips, they need fundraising ideas with low overhead costs that provide the best bang for their buck. Car washes, bake sales, cookie dough, and candy fundraisers all have their place but have become rather overused and people are tired of them. In addition, some of these company-based fundraising ideas earn such a low return that it is almost not worth the effort.

Kids have short attention spans so they need something that is quick, easy and most of all, fun. One of the easiest fundraising ideas around requires permission and participation from the school principal. It is called theme day. The basic principle is kids in the school pay a dollar or some other preset amount for the chance to do something they normally would not get to do. Wear a hat to school day, flip flop day or even pajama day are popular with kids. They feel they are getting away with something naughty and the elementary school earns hundreds of dollars in just one school day.

Paying for some type of cool privilege is among the cheapest fundraising ideas too as your elementary school group is only out the cost of paper to print flyers that go home with the students to advertise it. However, if the group garners paper donations in the community like from an office supply store, this fundraising idea could be totally free.

The best news about these themed elementary school fundraising ideas is that it can be repeated for different groups in the school as often as the principal allows it. Base the theme around upcoming holidays, seasons of the year, the school mascot or big local events like the county rodeo. Most parents are willing to send a dollar or two so their kids can wear a cowboy or Santa hat or pajamas with slippers. Plus, they will be thankful that they don't have to waste more time and money on other trite fundraising ideas. Quick, easy, and fun it's the perfect trifecta when it comes to raising money for a good cause.