Fundraising Ideas for Children

One of the best ways to teach children certain traits and skills is to provide them with the opportunity to help those who are less fortunate. While you do have the option to take them to volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, you can teach them just as much by giving them the opportunity to raise money for a cause they think is important. There are a number of different fundraising ideas children can do themselves to raise money for something they care about.

Setting up a lemonade stand has been done by children for many decades, and it remains as a top fundraising idea for children. The cost to set up the stand is relatively low, and children can often make the lemonade and staff the stand with minimal adult supervision.

Holding a bake sale is also something that children can do to raise money for a worthy cause. With a little help from adults they can bake cookies, cakes, and other goodies to sell in their yard or in front of a store. While there is an additional cost for baking supplies, the money they can make as well as the joy they can receive from helping others is well worth it.

In recent years additional fundraising opportunities have become available to children through companies that specialize in helping schools and organizations raise money. Usually these require that children sell products, magazine subscriptions, candy bars, or other items to people. They then get a certain percentage from the sale of each item.

These are just a few of the fundraising ideas that children can pursue as they raise money to assist others who are less fortunate. Asking your child what ideas they have may provide even more since children are creative and often have a different way of thinking when compared to adults.