Community Service Fundraising Ideas Perfect for Church Youth Groups

Community service is just one of many fundraising ideas that is appealing and fitting for church youth groups. One of the primary focuses for church youth groups is giving back to the community. What better way than to give of yourself and raise money for your group at the same time. The primary goal is this: you find one or more sponsors who will donate a set amount of money for each hour of community service you perform. Staged somewhat like a walk-a-thon, people pledge money for each community service hour you serve. Institute a time limit and required number of hours from each person or team. The hard part is finding the right community service projects in your local area.

Your church youth group can act individually or as a team choosing one major project which could have the potential to make an overall bigger impact in the local area. Depending on the business climate, community service fundraising ideas could even garner corporate sponsorship, especially if your church group's idea aligns with a company's own pet community project.

Do you have an animal shelter or food bank in your area? These two entities often need volunteer help desperately. Animal shelters need volunteers to help bathe and calm the animals housed there as well as walking and engaging them in play. Volunteering in food banks may require picking up food from donating grocery stores or bagging groceries to give away to the needy. Community fundraising ideas that center on animals or feeding the needy are fun and interesting. The best part is the youth in the church group are witnessing first hand the positive impact of volunteering in the community for a worthy cause.

Teaching kids how to read, cleaning up local parks, planting trees to beautify an area, and serving as companions to the elderly are other great community fundraising ideas to consider. Many church youth groups who turn to community service as a fundraising tool find that they want to continue long after the fundraiser is over.