Church Fundraising Ideas

The average church is completely dependent upon the donations that they receive from members. While churches often collect enough money each week during services to manage basic expenses, they rarely collect enough to handle emergency repairs, upkeep expenses, or help the community. Since many churches pride themselves on being able to help congregation members and the community, fundraisers are often needed to raise funds to cover additional expenses.

Coming up with unique fundraising ideas will help the church collect additional money needed to cover additional expenses and projects. Not only are fundraisers a great way to cover financial costs, they are also useful for getting the attention of the community. A good fundraiser will encourage the community to become more involved with the church, which will help future fundraising campaigns.

One unique fundraising idea for a local church is to organize a raffle. The raffle could be for one large prize donated by a local business or for several smaller prizes donated by community and church members. The church can sell raffle tickets to community members. The money will be used by the church to meet their fundraising goals.

Auctions are another fun way for churches to earn money while involving the local community. A church can organize a picnic followed by an auction of different baked goods that are provided by church members. Many local restaurants will be happy to donate food and utensils to be used by the church as part of a fundraiser. If restaurant owners are not able to donate food, the church can sell hotdogs, hamburgers, and other food either by selling tickets to attend the picnic and auction or by advertising the price of the food before the picnic. The proceeds from the auction will also go to the church making the entire campaign a very profitable one.

In the event that the church is unable to organize these events, a concert should be considered. Pick a night for the church choir to perform and sell tickets. If the church has a choir for the children and adults, then both should perform. Parents and teachers will be encouraged to promote and attend the event if children will be taking part.

Choir performances are an easy event to organize since they take place on church property and include church members. Local businesses and advertisers can usually be encouraged to help promote the event and will often provide free newspaper announcements or fliers free of charge or for discounted prices. Encourage church members who are participating to tell family members, friends, and even coworkers about the concert. During the concert encourage visitors to make additional donations by providing donation envelopes and sending ushers and church members around with donation baskets. This will increase the chances of meeting the financial goal set by the church. At the end of the evening, offer visitors free refreshments provided by local businesses or church members. These refreshments do not need to be anything fancy or expensive; cookies and punch are fine.