Why Your School Needs Fresh Fundraising Ideas

Think of all the different fundraising events that your school has hosted. You may find that many of the fundraisers use the same ideas repeatedly. While itís great to have a fundraising event that continues to be successful year after year, you need to consider fresh ideas and how they can spark future fundraising success.

People like Variety

Successful money-raising projects often result from collaborative efforts. Different perspectives, thoughts, and insight can help make things new and exciting. A brainstorming session can bring a wave of ideas. New fundraising ideas offer variety to buyers. The variety appeals to a greater number of people. Buyers make purchases because they want to help the cause, but they also really want the items for sale. A great example of a popular fundraising campaign is candy sales. These sales are popular, but they can be reused too often. They can also alienate certain populations. Rotating candy sales is a good way to keep the sales fresh.

Attract New Sponsors

Fresh fundraising ideas can also attract sponsors you may not have considered before. For instance, if you did a book sale, you could lobby to area bookstores, grocery stores or any place that sells books and magazines. Your other sponsors that normally support you may refer you to other companies. Fundraising ideas are often generated from garnering new sponsors.

Fresh Ideas Equal Larger Donations

New and improved products attract customers in the retail world. The same goes for fundraising. Fresh fundraising ideas can be more lucrative. Those who participate in fundraisers are often eager to try, win, or purchase something based solely on the fact that it is something new to them.

Volunteer Your Fundraising Ideas

A large part of fundraising comes from the hard work of the people who coordinate and volunteer. Take the time to sit down and talk to the volunteers. Discover what their fundraising ideas are and how to improve future campaigns. Perhaps they know a business who would offer products or services that could be sold at auction. Maybe there is a way to add an additional raffle to an already popular fundraising event. Fundraising ideas can be hard to come up with, but thinking outside the box and using the resources already available to you can help you produce new ideas where you may have originally thought there were none.